And. Here. We. Go.

“I’m not in the mood for Halloween this year.”

“Said the girl who buried five of her closest friends in the corn field a week ago.”

Bree grinned and tapped the screen of her i-pad reversing the direction of the camera. “You said you wanted to see my chauffeur and her bodyguard. There they are.” She laid her sketch pad down on the picnic table and turned the tablet sightly on its stand so Treecy could see the woman and her two year old inspecting plants along the path from the restrooms. Bree could see her friend’s face in the picture-in-picture feature on her i-pad screen. She was sizing up the pair of jailors. “And it was only one close friend, three acquaintances, and the cry-baby snitch from Bickham High,” Bree reminded her.

–Excerpt from That October in Dibell, Texas by K.R. Sprague

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