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The Green Door: Calculated Spontaneity

“We are all familiar with the two styles of writing: Outlining and discovery writing.  Outlining is really any organized manner of plotting and writing a story.  Discovery, on the other hand, is simply writing at its most visceral and creative.  These are polar opposites, as are the writers who promote them.”

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The Green Door: I Am the Hero of My Own Story, Right?

The Green Door: I Am the Hero of My Own Story, Right?.


Philip K. Dick Was A Little Crazy

101 Books

And by “a little crazy,” I mean “a lot of crazy.”

Now I recognize the man was a literary genius, at least in the sci-fi world.

But his genius was fueled by paranoia and schizophrenia. From an early age, Dick battled problems determining what was real and what wasn’t real.

He claimed to have encounters with a “pink beam”–which he said was an intelligent being that imparted wisdom and clairvoyance to him.

Then this, according to Wikipedia:

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